E1224 U.S. Congressional Record

E1224 U.S. Congressional Record – Extension of Remarks – June 10, 1999


[Page: E1224]


in the House of Representatives


Ms. KAPTUR. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Toledo Metal Spinning Company (TMS), a business in my district recently honored as one of only six recipients of the Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award. This award, given to companies who have overcome both internal and external struggles throughout their organization, was extended to TMS in recognition of their exceptional ability to cope and rebuild virtually their entire business after a fire ravaged their operation.

TMS Vice Presidents Eric and Craig Frankhauser are to be commended for their efforts to restore their corporation. After a disastrous fire that destroyed much of the plant in February 1998, the two brothers worked tirelessly to fulfill customer orders and remain in production mode. Remarkably, five days after the fire, the company was back online and serving its customers with the same level of professionalism and courtesy as before the tragedy. Clients turn to TMS for a wide range of products including parts for missiles, passenger jets, and military aircraft, as well as stainless steel, cone-shaped hoppers used for countless purposes from releasing fruit into yogurt to processing pills.

As the Fankhausers rebuilt their facility their innovation and ingenuity led the way. Forced to rebuild not only their physical building but also their business structure, the Fankhausers revamped their entire production operation. They redesigned the company’s production system, stressing flexibility of machinery and workers. The two owners realized both the importance of giving their employees more responsibility and the success that results as workers interact with each other.

Despite the terrible fire, their improved operation successfully kept sales at 83 percent of 1997 levels. The Fankhausers and all of those employed at TMS have created a family business by which all companies should follow. TMS will be paid a tribute this week as it receives the Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award, which is co-sponsored in part by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of the citizens of Ohio’s Ninth Congressional District, I rise to congratulate TMS, the Fankhausers, and the many employees for their outstanding success and innovation as they stood in the face of disaster. The TMS example is certainly a business model to be followed as we enter the next millennium.

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