Deep Drawing
Tool design and machining1
Rolled and Welded Cylinder Fabrication
Cylinder Fabrication
Metal Polishing/Finishing
Metal Finishing
Our primary metal forming and fabrication processes include: Metal Spinning & Spin Forming, Deep Drawing, Metal Stamping, Hydroforming, Machining, and Metal Cylinder Fabrication. These processes are supported by secondary processes including but not limited to: Laser Cutting, Welding, Metal Polishing and Finishing. Specializing in stainless steel, our highly knowledgeable craftsmen can work with a variety of metals in all applications such as Aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Copper and Brass.

Funnels & Cones

TMS provides both build to order and stock products including funnels, domes, hemispheres, cups, cylinders and lids. We also have secondary services that can complement most products. For lead time information, please call our sales department at 419-214-3245. 

Custom Hopper Configurator

Toledo Metal Spinning Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, with over 90 years of experience. TMS is proud to offer the following in-house services to help your project all the way from conception to completion. Contact TMS for more information.

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