Toledo Metal Spinning metal cylinders are high in quality. Each rolled and welded metal cylinder utilizes a longitudinal seam weld process that requires high tech equipment for precision. The seam weld is a high quality TIG weld. Once the metal cylinder is welded, a planishing operation is performed to smooth and strengthen the weld. You will be delighted with the quality of the end product.

TMS longitudinal seam welding cells are setup for one-piece flow, which is designed to reduce lead times, increase efficiency and quality control. There are two longitudinal seam welding cells at TMS, one large roll and seam weld cell and a small roll and seam weld cell. Once the material is rolled, then there are tabbing, seam welding, planishing and flanging operations available within each cell. Each cell can make a cylinder without any flanges, a single flanged cylinder, or a double flanged cylinder.

CapabilitiesEnglish UnitsMetric Units
Custom Cylinder Diameter6.0 to 48.0 in160 to 1,220 mm
Custom Length1.0 to 60.0 in25 to 1,524 mm
Flange Width.38 to .88 in10 to 22 mm
Flange Width Special, Maxup to 1.5 inup to 38 mm
Max Sheet Thickness0.19 in4.8 mm
Min Sheet Thickness0.03 in0.75 mm
Max Part Weight50 pounds22.7 kilogram force
Typical Part Production Volume20 to 5,000 pieces / year
Lead Time, Typical
Prototypes / Samples
1 to 3 weeks
Lead Time, Typical
Production After Samples
1 to 2 weeks
Hole Options AvailableYes
Secondary Forming Options AvailableYes

Cylinder Flange Options

No Flange

Single Flanged

Double Flanged

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