CNC Metal Spinning and Spin Forming

CNC metal spinning, also known as spin forming, is a highly effective process of shaping sheet metal into a variety of forms. Utilizing a lathe and CNC controls, a metal disc is rotated and pressed against a tool, such as a mandrel or chuck, by a tailstock. A spinning roller then presses against the metal in a circular motion, and a roller manipulated with CNC controls, presses against the metal to form the metal over the tool through a series of passes by the roller.  This process results in a final product that precisely mirrors the shape of the tool used to form it.

Metal spinning is particularly effective for forming basic shapes such as cones, flanged covers, hemispheres, cylindrical shells, venturis, and parabolic nose shapes. This method is a great option when tooling costs need to be minimized or when the part volume is not high enough to justify the costs of tooling. Additionally, complicated part geometry is another area where metal spinning is often the preferred method. Toledo Metal Spinning uses CNC technology that allows us to develop highly accurate programs for each specific part, ensuring precision and consistency with every piece produced. 

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