Toledo Metal Spinning Company is a highly skilled manufacturer in the art of spinning stainless steel. As a challenging material due to its particular metallurgical properties, such as tensile strength, work hardening, and spring back, it requires years of experience and expertise to become a skilled metal spinner of stainless steel. The team at Toledo Metal Spinning Company is well-equipped to take on such a challenge. Stainless steel is such a versatile material that can withstand time and exterior factors such as corrosion, which makes it a preferred choice for its durability. Additionally, it can be polished to a brush finish, mirror finish or even electropolished giving it a sleek, beautiful appearance. Using heat to treat stainless steel can also be a beneficial process, as it reverts the molecules back to their original state, enabling further forming to take place. Whether it’s a torch applied directly onto the product or sending the part out to a certified heat treater, Toledo Metal Spinning Company has all the necessary measures to meet the desired specifications of the product blueprint.

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