We use CNC machine tools to make highly detailed cuts in non-metallic and metallic pieces used in a variety of industries including Oil, Aerospace, Automotive and Defense applications. By utilizing CNC machined tools we make parts quickly and more complex faster than using manual machine tools. We use Solidworks®, HSMWorks® and Mastercam® programming to ensure your final product is designed to exact specifications.

Spin and draw tooling are machined from the type of steel that will give the most useful life and economical cost, depending on your requirements of quantity, type of material formed and tolerances required. Our engineering department utilizes 3D parametric solid modeling CAD software for designing and MasterCAM® to aid in the efficient  precision tool design and fabrication processes. Our in-house developed standard library of CNC tooling enables us to swiftly go from the tool design stage to the CNC fabrication build stage with minimum effort and time while maintaining precision. Most tools are designed and machined in our plant for speed, control, and economy.

A milling machine uses a rotating cylindrical tool called a milling cutter. It is held in a spindle that is CNC driven.  The main difference between a milling machine is  your ability to cut angles and a variety of profiles  For this reason, there are several kinds of milling machines, which are designated by a number of movement axes. Common axises are 2.5 axis , 3 axis ,4 axis and 5 axis. We have a variety of CNC milling machines to take parts up to 50” X 20” X 20”.

  • Materials up to 50″ x 20″ x 20″, Close tolerances to +/- .0005” (depending on material characteristics)
  • Conventional milling operations to 40″ x 20″ x 20″ Spindle speeds up to 10,000 RPM
  • We machine a variety of substances in non-ferrous and exotic materials, such as: Aluminum, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Toledo Metal Spinning Company specializes in 304 & 316 stainless steel.
CNC Turning Centers

Our CNC Turning Centers 2-axis (X and Z-axis) are computer-controlled and generally have one spindle. They are commonly slant bed machines and protective enclosures around the machine and the machine ways. We have a variety of turning Centers with several types of material available to machine and we can handle up to Ø24” X 45” in length down to Ø0.5 and .100 in length.


Vertical turret lathes have the workpiece held vertically instead of the normally horizontal positions which helps since you’re not battling gravity. 

Vertical Turret Lathe all types of material available to machine and we can handle up to Ø40” X 18” in length.

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