How It’s Made: Rolled and Welded Cylinders

How are metal cylinders formed?

At Toledo Metal Spinning, we have the ability to roll and weld custom cylinders and can complete every task in house.

Our process begins with laser cutting a blank sheet of metal out of the material of your choosing. We typically use stainless steel or aluminum. Cylinders are created by rolling flat sheets into a round shape and then sealing with a seam weld. Welds are produced by our TIG welding systems.  

Once the parts are rolled in the Davi roller, we take them to our tabbing station to weld tabs to the ends of the cylinder. These tabs prevent “blow through” on the cylinder’s ends. The tabs are welded starting at one end of the cylinder, all the way down the length of the cylinder, through the second tab. The Jetline TIG welding system creates a smooth, strong weld.

Once the weld is complete, we planish the weld, meaning that the weld will be nearly flush with the cylinder. The tabs are then cut off, leaving nice and even ends.

The cylinder is now complete, with the opportunity to add any customizable features, such as ribbed or custom formed ends, fittings, side holes, and weld flanged options. Cylinders can be customized with cut outs done by our laser during the initial laser-cutting step. Our laser will cut whichever shape necessary into the blank before being sent to the Davi roller.

Common configurations on our cylinders:

  • No flange
  • Single flange
  • Double Flange
  • Custom cutout windows or doors
  • Custom steps and ribs

Not sure which option is best for you? Click here for more information about our flanging process. 

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