Toledo Metal Spinning uses state of the art laser cutting equipment to provide lower running costs, shorter process times and high quality laser cut products to make TMS your one-stop-shop for all your metal fabrication needs! With our new laser cutting technology, we can take on your custom metal fabrication projects from start to finish.

  • Auto nozzle changing helps reduce operator errors, improves consistency of operation and lowers operator dependency
  • Focus detection
  • Pierce detection senses when the pierce breaks through the material as compared to a programmed pierce that would include added time to account for variations in the process 
  • Plasma detection, monitors plasma generation during processing and makes automatic adjustments to maintain optimum conditions for consistent cutting quality.
  • Burn detection/protection window sensing, monitoring for abnormal burning during processing and auto-stops if detected.
  • Tolerance control to ensure high-speed corner cutting
  • Active vibration control for stable high-speed cutting, along with high-response, high-speed machine motion
  • Laser Cutting 5’x10’ sheet capability

Material thickness range:

  • Mild steel: up to 0.750”
  • Stainless Steel: up to 0.500”
  • Aluminum: up to 0.500”

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