Beading is very similar to edge rolling in that one form takes a trimmed metal piece and places a radius on the edge.  Another form of a bead would be an impression into the metal around the part.  For example, a customer may want a seal placed upon a part – the bead that forms an impression circumferentially around the part will allow a gasket or a rubber seal to set into the bead and can be mounted to the mating part to prevent leaking of substances.  TMS uses, often times, a machine that is specifically designed to trim and place a bead on the part – this machine can trim, cut and place inward and outward beads.  Beads, like edge rolling, can efficiently place strength into a part by simply rolling an edge.  This is an inexpensive and brilliant way to build strength into a part without welding or further forming.  It is an easy engineering technique to incorporate into a part.

Edge rolling is a term used when a metal spinning craftsman takes a trimmed part and rolls the edge of the part to form a radius.  Oftentimes, the piece is put on a lathe and a roller or a radiused tool is used to “roll” the edge of the metal to form a radius.  The rolled edge actually builds strength onto the edge and helps make the part less likely to warp or oil can.  In addition, if the part is being used where people come into contact with the part, it is a safe measure to prevent injuries due to a sharp edge.

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