Honoring the Toledo Metal Spinning Company as a Blue Chip Enterprise

The General Assembly of the State of Ohio

Ohio Senate

Honoring the Toledo Metal Spinning Company as a Blue Chip Enterprise

Better Business Bureau award

On behalf of the members of the Senate of the 123rd General Assembly of Ohio, we are pleased to congratulate the Toledo Metal Spinning Company on receiving a National Blue Chip Enterprise Award, sponsored by MassMutual and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The National Blue Chip Enterprise Award recognizes small business that have managed their resources and emerged stronger, and this prestigious honor, one of only six given nationwide, is a fitting tribute to the Toledo Metal Spinning Company. On February 4, 1998, a fire destroyed most of Toledo Metal Spinning’s manufacturing equipment and space, and the firm worked diligently to resume production, reaching eighty-three percent of 1997 levels by the end of 1998 with full recovery anticipated for 1999. Due to the outstanding effort and initiative it has displayed, the business has achieved a tremendous record of service to its clients and to the community, and this noteworthy enterprise is certainly deserving of high praise.

The success of the Toledo Metal Spinning Company is a justifiable source of pride and an excellent reflection not only on the business itself, but also on its astute management and hardworking employees and on the Greater Toledo community, as well. The firm has enhanced the quality of life within the surrounding area, and we are certain that, in the years to come, this fine manufacturer will continue to display the same unwavering dedication to excellence for which it has become known.

Thus, with great pleasure, we commend the Toledo Metal Spinning Company on its national honor and extend best wishes for continued success.

Senator Richard H. Finan

President of the Ohio Senate

Senator Linda J. Furney

11th Senatorial District

Better Business Bureau award

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