Toledo Metal Spinning Cylinder Configurator

TMS Cylinder Fabrication Configurator

Cylinder and Ring Fabrication - TMS

Toledo Metal Spinning metal cylinders are high in quality. Each rolled and welded metal cylinder utilizes a longitudinal seam weld process that requires high tech equipment for precision. The seam weld is a high quality TIG weld. Once the metal cylinder is welded, a planishing operation is performed to smooth and strengthen the weld. You will be delighted with the quality of the end product.

A Cylinder Configurator is available for your use during the beginning phases of designing a cylinder that fits your needs while keeping your budget in mind. The TMS Configurator will give you tips on designing a cylinder with stock tooling available from TMS. Standard engineering “rules of thumb” are used in computations. Calculations are based on the information you provide to determine the most practical solution for your cylinder needs. Click on the “Configure” icon to select this informative feature.

Please select the cylinder you wish to configure:

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